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Student Affairs Assessment


In an effort to reduce survey fatigue the Office of the Dean of Students requires that all research on University of Illinois students to be registered with our office. Before completing the Student Affairs Research form please consider consulting Dr. Belinda De La Rosa (blarosa@illinois.edu) regarding your proposed study before seeking Institutional Review Board approval. The following restrictions apply to all research on campus:

  • Requests to survey students must obtain approval from the Associate Dean of Students (Rhonda Kirts) or approval from the Associate Provost for Human Resources (Elyne Cole) for surveys of faculty or staff.
  • Approval or exemption for the study from the campus Institutional Review Board is required.
  • Full populations of any subgroups will rarely be approved and therefore strongly recommend consultation with Amy Edwards, Assistant Provost for Management Information or Dr. De La Rosa, Special Assistant to the Dean of Students for Assessment before submitting an IRB application.
  • No invitations will be sent out during finals week
  • The Division of Information Management charges for creating lists of students or faculty/staff. However, charges will be waived for a UIUC dissertation projects.
  • A university account number (C-FOP) or advance payment by a check made out to the University of Illinois.
  • Requests from non-University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign researchers will be considered on a first-come first-served basis and limited to three studies on students and two studies on faculty or staff populations per semester. All the restrictions listed above also apply to these researchers. Documentation of IRB approval or exemption from their home campus will be required. Only representative samples will be provided to these researchers.

The Faculty Senate has adopted a new policy Governing Electronic Surveys and Questionnaires Directed to Students, Faculty Members, or Staff of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Please click the link below to see the policy.

What are the implications for Student Affairs assessments? Please click the link below to see these implications.