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Thank you Core Survey participants.

Thank you Core Survey participants!

Students who won the lottery for a gift card after completing the 2018 Core Alcohol & Other Drug Survey:

  • Albert Valiaveedu
  • Allison Brown
  • Ariana Guzman
  • Blake Cedergren
  • Chris Read
  • Danielle Markovich
  • Dillon Hammond
  • Evana James
  • Gema Atta
  • Iman Williamson
  • Jamie Linton
  • Jamie Milota
  • Joseph Dillier
  • Juan Marquez
  • Lisa Fernandez
  • Martin Evtimov
  • Meagan Kehr
  • Michelle Zhu
  • Nabiha Ahmed
  • Anita Fong


The Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS) Assessment provides individual evaluation consultation to the units in ODOS. We are dedicated to advancing student success through data-centered decision making. ODOS Assessment accomplishes this through several channels. We administer a set of large-scale studies on a regular schedule. Ad hoc projects, reports, strategic planning, and consultation on research methods are also components of services provided primarily to ODOS units but also to the Division of Student Affairs.

How to Begin a Consultation

To begin a consultation initiate the "Assessment Worksheet" form linked below. The form need not be totally completed. Once the form is initiated it should be sent to Dr. Belinda De La Rosa (blarosa@illinois.edu) with a request for a consultation appointment.

Assessment Worksheet (doc)

Other functions and news

Student Affairs Research Approval (SARA) Process

Another important assessment function is the administration of the Student Affairs Research Approval (SARA) Process. The primary goal is to ensure that no one student subpopulation receives countless requests to participate in research projects. Routine end of the semester class evaluations are excluded from the SARA process. All research projects on students must be approved through the SARA process. For more details and forms visit Research Approval.

Research Approval Form (doc)

Faculty Senate New Policy

The Faculty Senate has adopted a new policy Governing Electronic Surveys and Questionnaires Directed to Students, Faculty Members, or Staff of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. See the new policy and implications for Student Affairs assessments at the links below.