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Student Affairs Assessment and Planning provides individual evaluation consultation to the units in Student Affairs. Student Affairs is dedicated to advancing student success through data-centered decision making. This is achieved through administering large-scale studies, providing consultation services for units, and assistance with planning, analysis, data access, and reporting.

If you have questions, please contact Interim Director of Assessment and Planning, Dr. Beth Hoag at

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Student Affairs Research Approval (SARA) Process

Another important assessment function is the administration of the Student Affairs Research Approval (SARA) Process. In an effort to reduce survey and research fatigue, the University of Illinois has a Policy Governing Electronic Surveys and Questionnaires. This policy designates Student Affairs to be responsible for reviewing and approving any campus-wide surveys that target students. The Student Affairs Research Approval (SARA) process was put into the place to operationalize this policy. The primary goal is to ensure a student does not receive more than three University sponsored research solicitations per academic semester. University sponsored research solicitation include institutional surveys and any survey distributed via the Division of Management Information (DMI). Additionally, the SARA policy is in place to assist researchers who wish to work with Student Affairs units to recruit students for their project and assist external/non-Illinois researchers.

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Faculty Senate Policy

The Faculty Senate has a policy Governing Electronic Surveys and Questionnaires directed to Students, Faculty Members, or Staff of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. See the policy here: