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Emergency Housing

If you are in urgent need of housing, please contact the Student Assistance Center at (217) 333-0050. If the office is closed, you can contact the Emergency Dean.

Homeless Services

Centralized Intake

Phone: (217) 819-4117 | Email: homeless-services@ccrpc.org

Serves as a coordination point for households experiencing homelessness. Centralized Intake staff coordinate with the homeless services providers in Champaign County to link households experiencing homelessness with permanent housing program options when there are program vacancies. They make referrals to local community resources based on program eligibility and availability and the needs of the individual served.

C-U at Home Men's Shelter

Phone: (217) 819-4569 | Email: cedar@cuathome.us

Overnight shelter for men provided upon successful intake.

Start Date & Time: Open every night from 8:30 pm-7:00 am
Location: C-U at Home, 70 E. Washington Street, Champaign

Austin's Place — Shelter for Women

Phone: (217) 819-4569 | Email: cedar@cuathome.us

Overnight shelter for women provided upon successful intake. Showers and laundry are available during shelter hours.

Start Date: Open every night from 8:30 pm-7:00 am
Location: C-U at Home Building, 504 N Market Street, Champaign (A separate entrance for women is on the WEST side of the building at the corner of Washington and Market Streets)

Rent Assistance

Champaign County Regional Planning Commission

Phone: (217) 328-3313 | Email: info@ccrpc.org

The Champaign County Regional Planning Commission is an intergovernmental membership organization that provides a variety of programming in the areas of regional, environmental and transportation planning; economic, community, and workforce development; social services; early childhood education; and technical assistance in East Central Illinois.

City of Champaign Township

Phone: (217) 403-6120

The City of Champaign Township offers assistance for those living within Champaign city limits and meet additional eligibility criteria.

Cunningham Township

Phone: (217) 384-4144

Cunningham Township Supervisor's Office provides a safety net for low-income households in Urbana. They provide General Assistance, Rental Assistance, Utility Assistance, Food Support, Homeless Services, Transportation Assistance, Advocacy, and Support for Social Service partners serving Urbana residents.

Bridgewater-Sullivan Community Life Center

Phone: (217) 850-7628

Email: Appointments@bridgewater-sullivancommunitylifecenter.org

Salvation Army Housing Assistance

Phone: (217) 373-7832 ext. 251

Utility Assistance

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)

Phone: (217) 384-1226

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federal and state-funded utility assistance program in Champaign County. LIHEAP helps low-income families pay their energy costs and helps to educate them to conserve energy, lower their costs, and work toward financial self-sufficiency.

Warm Neighbors Cool Friends

Phone: (217) 373-7832

Warm Neighbors Cool Friends is a partner program through Ameren Illinois that helps low-to-moderate income individuals and families with power bill assistance who do not qualify for federal assistance. Salvation Army is the local provider for Champaign County residents.