Academic Support

We understand that managing a class schedule and children can be challenging at times. Undoubtedly you have a number of questions. Let us try to address a few …

Can I bring my child to class?

There is no university policy regarding students bringing children to class. Since each instructor makes his/her own decisions about how to manage the classroom, asking the question at the start of the course is the best way to learn your professor’s preference.

What do I need to do if I need to miss class due to an emergency situation?

Individual instructors hold the authority when it comes to excusing absences and permitting make-up work. Each course’s syllabus should give you an idea as to how absences are handled; informing yourself at the start of the semester is important so that you will know what steps you need to take should an emergency arise. We recommend that you contact your professor as soon as you are aware of a situation that will cause you to miss class. For more information on absences, please visit the Student Assistance Center.

What if I need to take some time off from my academic program?

Graduate Students: For information on the withdrawing for the semester as well as taking a leave of absence contact the Graduate College.

Undergraduate Students: There is no leave policy for undergrads. But students may withdraw from the semester. Each college has polices about the number of semesters students can be away before they will need to re-apply to the college and or university. Contact your College office for more details.

What are my rights as a pregnant or parenting student?

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