Campus Safety

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At Illinois, our foremost goal is to provide our students, faculty, staff, and visitors with a safe, secure environment. Establishing and maintaining a safe campus community is a responsibility we must all take seriously and in the spirit of working together. While not comprehensive, this page offers important information about campus and community resources that can enhance your personal safety and the safety of our campus community.

Campus Safety Graphics

Spring weather warning graphic

Spring Weather Warning

Spring weather emergencies include thunderstorms, flash floods, and tornados.

Weather watch = stay alert. Weather warning = take shelter.

During a thunderstorm or flash flood warning you should find shelter inside a building and monitor weather reports.

During a tornado warning take shelter in the lowest level away from windows and monitor weather reports.

Sexual assault support graphic

Sexual Assault Support

Support is available. Visit to learn more and request assistance.

After a sexual assault, consider seeking immediate medical attention.

Preserving evidence – such as saving text messages, not showering or changing clothes – can help.

Sexual assault can be prosecuted even if the survivor had a prior relationship with the offender.

Be safe on spring break graphic

Be Safe on Spring Break

Designate an emergency contact and leave itinerary, contact info, ID numbers, and credit/debit info with them.

Always be aware of your surroundings and how to get back to your hotel.

Only take what you absolutely need. Keep valuables, IDs, and money secured while away.

Know what visa, ID, or passport is required to reach your destination.

Inform bank providers you will be traveling to avoid service disruption.

Alcohol safety tips graphic

Alcohol Safety

Alcohol poisoning is dangerous! Know the signs: vomiting, seizures, confusion, irregular breathing, unconsciousness, etc.

University procedures protect students when calling 911 to help someone in need.

Having a party? Know the social hosting laws and call 911 if things get out of control.

Eat before you drink, pace yourself, and don't drive drunk.

Winter safety tips graphic

Be Prepared for Winter

Classes are rarely cancelled – dress appropriately.

Slow down – allow extra time for travel and have an emergency kit.

Check road conditions and weather reports.

Avoid the expense of frozen pipes – keep your heat on while traveling.

Fire safety tips graphic

In the Event of a Fire

Know your exit.

Pull the fire alarm as you go.

Stay low if there is heat or smoke.

Close windows and doors.

Do not use elevators.

Bicycle safety tips graphic

Bike Smart

Visit the Campus Bike Center at 608 E. Pennsylvania Ave, Urbana for repairs and resources.

Wear a helmet and reflective clothing.

Yield to pedestrians.

Use a bike light at night – it's the law.

Pedestrian safety tips graphic

Be Alert! Your Safety Depends On It

Yield to traffic.

Obey traffic signals and signs.

Do not dart into traffic.

Walk with friends at night.

It's okay to say no to panhandlers graphic

It's Okay to Say "No". There are Other Ways to Help.

If confronted by aggressive panhandlers, call 911 and report it.

If you want to volunteer, contact the Office of Volunteer Programs at (217) 333-7424 or

If you want to donate, use the blue meters on campus.

Know your safety resources graphic

Know Who to Call

Safe Walks: (217) 333-1216 – Download the SafeWalks mobile app on iOS and Android.

Safe Rides: (217 265-7433

Save emergency numbers in your phone.

Dial 911 to report any suspicious activity.

Use any of the blue emergency phones located all around campus.