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I-Watch is a campus wide, community watch program. The I-Watch program was derived from the national "Neighborhood Watch" movement and adapted to proactively engage students, faculty, and staff members. The primary goal of the I-Watch program is to reduce crime and increase safety throughout the campus district.

Other Goals

  • Reduction in crimes of opportunity (i.e., theft, crimes against persons, vandalism, etc.) throughout the campus district.
  • Increased awareness of crime prevention and campus safety strategies among students, faculty and staff
  • Increased reporting of suspicious or criminal activity throughout the campus district.

Anyone can become an I-Watcher! All you have to do is take the 45 minute training. During the training I-Watch participants learn to:

  • Observe crime and suspicious activity
  • Distinguish between behavior- based and bias-based suspicion
  • Provide systematic descriptions of people, weapons, and vehicles

I-Watch participants should never attempt to apprehend a suspicious person. I-Watchers only report suspicious activity. Vigilantism is strictly prohibited.

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