Student Legal Services

Since the early 1970s, Student Legal Services has a long and proud tradition of providing legal services and awareness of the law to the students of the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign.

This website is another example of this office's commitment to reaching out to as many of our students as possible to provide awareness of the laws that may affect their daily life and to fulfill one of our major functions: education of our students.

Legal Disclaimer

The Information contained in this web site does not constitute legal advice nor is it intended to constitute legal advice. It is not a substitute for consulting an attorney regarding one's particular case. The information and opinions contained herein are those of the student legal service and are not necessarily those of the University of Illinois of Champaign-Urbana. All materials contained herein are the property of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana Student Legal Service and its attorneys – All Rights Reserved.

Important Information / Links

Information for students affected by DACA

Students Affected by DACA

Get more information (pdf).

Responding to Students of Concern / Reporting Threatening Behavior

Statement from the Dean of Students about responding to students of concern and reporting threatening behavior.

Lease Reviews

Schedule an appointment with the Tenant Union to review a lease BEFORE signing it.

Student Code at Illinois

Read the University of Illinois Student Code.


Emergency: dial 911

Non-emergency (Champaign, Urbana, U of I): (217) 333-8911

  • Champaign Police: (217) 351-4545
  • UI Police: (217) 333-1216

Safe Walks


Other Links

Other links are located in our Community and Self-Help Resources, & Immigration Referrals and Legal Links sections.