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In order to turn on your electricity with Ameren you may be required to produce a certified true copy of your Passport and ID because you do not have a U.S. Social Security number or a verifiable credit history.

Student Legal Service can make certified true copies of your original documents and FAX them to Ameren for you. Most of the time this is a same-day service.

To do this you must use our Schedule an Appointment/Online Intake form. Once you are there in the first paragraph click on Certification of IDs for Ameren and fill out the form and submit it to the office. You will be required to bring your original identification documents to the office for us to copy, certify and fax to Ameren.

This can be done without a scheduling an appointment on a walk-in basis.

Please Note: If you come to the office after 3:00 pm the fax is likely to be sent the following day. Do not wait until Ameren decides to turn off your electricity.

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