Tenant and Housing Information

For additional help with housing issues visit the Tenant Union.

Student Legal Services Housing Guide


This information in the field of housing and tenant rights was compiled by the Student Legal Service staff attorneys. The materials have been updated during the summer of 2014.

The information is divided into three general topical sections:

Section I. Before You Move In (pdf)

The steps renters should take prior to signing a lease and moving into a rental unit.

We believe that the vast majority of problems tenants have while living in a unit and upon move out can be avoided by being wise consumers before signing with any landlord.

While there are no perfect landlords, there are many landlords who are vastly better than others. The Tenant Union at 326 Illini Union and the Student Legal Service at 324 Illini Union can help you make an informed choice so that you do not spend your time suing the landlord and calling the City for Building Code Inspections.

Section II. After You Move In (pdf)

The issues which commonly face student tenants such as privacy, subletting, and noisy neighbors.

Section III. After You Move Out (pdf)

The never ending battle over landlord abuse of tenant damage deposits.

We strongly encourage you to fill out a check-in form and a check-out form retaining a copy of each as your best protection against your landlord keeping your security deposit.

This information is intended to be a general guide for student renters; it by no means addresses all landlord-tenant issues.

We strongly encourage you to visit the Tenant Union at 326 Illini Union for assistance in housing matters and schedule an appointment with your Student Legal Service when you have specific legal questions regarding housing matters.

Do you have a problem in your apartment? Notify your landlord in writing so you have a record of it. Here are Guidelines for Writing a Landlord Complaint Letter. Be sure to save a paper copy of your complaint, even if you must submit it via email. Keep it with your copy of your lease and your check-in sheet in case you need it later.

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