Options for Students Who Cannot Complete the Semester


You may visit or call your college to discuss a withdrawal from the semester; the withdrawal form must be initiated by the student's college.

When a student notifies the college of their intent to withdraw from the university, the date of that notification will be the date designated as the withdrawal date. A student may be eligible for a prorated tuition refund, depending on the effective date of the withdrawal. Review the withdrawal/tuition refund schedule.

Recipients of financial aid should be aware that withdrawal may have implications for eligibility for future aid. You may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 217-333-0100 with questions.

Medical Withdrawal & Medical Re-Entry

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Alternatives to Withdrawal


This option may be available toward the end of a semester when circumstances are such that a student is unable to complete the last few weeks of classes, including finals. "I" grades are an option in cases in which the student has completed most of the work for the course and the student is passing and has been meeting the academic expectations for the course prior to the request. If approved, "I" grades will be assigned until the work of the course is completed. The student will be required to work with the professor of each course to determine a plan/timeline for completing the course. When the coursework is completed the "I" grade will be replaced with the letter grade the student earned in the course.

Incompletes require the approval of both the student's college and the professor of the course. Contact your college office for information about this process.

Late Drop Petition

Petition your college to late drop one or more courses due to extenuating circumstances. Contact your college office to inquire about this process.